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Architectural Art February 27, 2019

Like sculpture, architecture is more than merely the creation of a form in space. Both mediums make use of shadow and light, in addition to form, to help define the viewer’s emotional experience. Only in the case of architecture, though, is the viewer intended to examine the artwork from both an ‘inside’, as well as ‘outside’, perspective. Of course, the ‘utilitarian’ nature of architecture adds an additional challenge that makes it inherently different from ‘pure’…

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Contemporary art February 25, 2019

Strictly speaking, the term ” contemporary art” refers to art made by artists living today. Today’s artists work in a global environment that is culturally diverse, technologically advancing, and multifaceted. Working in a wide range of mediums, contemporary artists often reflect and comment on modern-day society. Viewers are encouraged to set aside questions such as, “Is a work of art good?” or “Is the work aesthetically pleasing?” Instead, whether art is “challenging” or “interesting.” Contemporary artists…

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The Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver an artist’s mecca! February 22, 2019

The Neighbourhood beginning . In the 1960s, beachside Kitsilano neighbourhood was Vancouver’s hippy hangout, drawing comparisons to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. Today the Kitsilano neighbourhood still has plenty of culture. But its apartments and houses are now occupied by young urban professionals and families. Many who enjoy a modern version of that relaxed atmosphere. It is also the birthplace of the global yoga brand, Lululemon Athletica. Just over the Burrard Bridge from the downtown peninsula, the…

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5 Benefits of Arts and Culture February 20, 2019

If you can count on one hand the number of times you’ve gone to a museum you’re missing out. The enriching world of culture is there to be enjoyed. The benefits are not as tangible as, say how exercising will help you drop 10 pounds, but the rewards are undeniable. The benefits of arts and culture are profound. Arts and culture Connects You To Humanity And The community You Live In By taking in a…

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Using art to sell a home February 19, 2019

There are many ways to use art to sell a home. Done right art can make a huge difference in the final selling price. But if you are going to use art to sell a home there are mistakes to avoid. 1.  Nothing too personal Remove any artwork that is too personal or offensive to buyers such as nudes, religious-or politically-themed pictures as well as anything else which might not be acceptable to the general… Continue reading

The purpose of Art February 15, 2019

The purpose of art can be varied. When new visual ideas are first introduced by the artist, they are often shocking. With time the best ideas are accepted.  Let’s look at some of the purposes of art. Likely the oldest purpose of art is as a vehicle for religious ritual. From the prehistoric cave paintings of France, to the Sistine Chapel, art has served religion. For centuries the Church was the primary patron of artists.…

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Indigenous Art Across Canada February 13, 2019

Art is an integral part of the preservation and expression of culture in Indigenous communities. And Canada is a treasure trove of Indigenous art. Spanning thousands of years has shaped the country’s cultural identity. Indigenous artists express of the people who have inhabited these lands for generations. In fact, it draws inspiration from their close relationship with the natural environment. When I do art I try and draw inspiration from the Vancouver area.  In the…

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Vancouver Artist Sam Siegel and his gallery February 11, 2019

I am proud to be a Vancouver artist and living in Vancouver is an artist paradise. You can see it in my work from the UBC Endowment Lands to Howe Sound. I’m a Vancouver artist who wanted first-class art to be accessible to everyone. I discovered not all Giclée prints were the same. After research and testing numerous different prints. I found many that faded, warped and loosened over time. To me this was not…

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Art and doodling -the effects on your health. February 8, 2019

It’s a bit of a stretch to describe the stick figures you doodled during that boring work meeting as“art”. But a pilot study suggests making any kind of art activates the brain’s reward pathways, even if it is terrible.  Suggesting art and doodling is beneficial to your health. Researchers from Drexel University recruited a mix of artists and non-artists. Then hooked them to headbands that measured blood flow through the brain. These 26 subjects then completed three art activities for three minutes each. Colouring in…

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What is art therapy? And who can benefit? February 6, 2019

What Is Art Therapy? Art therapy is also known as an expressive therapy. This sort of therapy uses art as a means of communication and lets people express and explore their thoughts and emotions. You do not even need to be very artistic or creatively talented to take part in this therapy. Art can be used in a number of ways from digital and photography to collages. Painting has also proven to be very helpful… Continue reading