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E.J. Hughes and Vancouver Island May 21, 2019

E.J. Hughes and Vancouver Island go hand in hand. Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of BC, is truly a beautiful place. And Canadian artist, E.J. Hughes, captured the beauty and charm of the island in his paintings. “One of the main reasons I paint is because I think Nature’s so wonderful that I want to try to get my feeling down about that on canvas if possible. I feel that when I am doing…

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Art – Linking Tourism and Culture May 8, 2019

Creating the ‘Feel’ of the Community Art is an important link between culture and tourism, and highlights what is unique about any community.  The artistic heritage and cultural life of a city work hand in hand to attract tourists. In Vancouver, for example, the native art of the Haida First Nations showcases the unique cultural heritage of Northern BC. The Importance of Government in the Arts It is crucial to recognize the important role that…

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Street Art Makes Me Happy April 3, 2019

5 Reasons Street Art Makes Me Happy 1. Painted Streets = Colourful World = Happier Life  Street Art makes people happy. It makes their day more colorful, more fun, and more interesting. It adds character, diversion, and introspection to their daily routines. Art wakes people up, it enlivens and enriches their lives. It can be motivational, and even inspirational. And, perhaps most importantly, it can make people think about what’s really relevant. It uplifts the…

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The value of art in your business March 27, 2019

Did you know that art has a lot more scientifically-proven benefits on your health? The benefits of art in business are subtantial. More than making you feel happy or relaxed, themed artworks can do wonders for your mental health, disposition and well-being. In fact, many studies have shown that displaying art in your business contributes to lower stress levels. Art in Hotels Interior decorators understand the value of displaying paintings, sculptures and other artworks in…

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The Benefits of ‘Enjoying Nature’ March 22, 2019

In today’s world of powerful technology, people sometimes feel a need to simplify their lives, and get back to nature. In fact, studies show that enjoying nature can have huge benefits in all parts of our lives. There are so many ways you can take advantage of the benefits of nature. Here are just some of the benefits of enjoying nature… 1. Helps to relieve stress The demands of work or school can often be…

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Is Graffiti Really Art? March 19, 2019

Graffiti is interesting. It’s creative and unrestricted. And it’s pretty much everywhere you look. In fact, every metropolitan area of the globe exhibits countless examples of graffiti, becoming more pervasive as populations expand. Perhaps that’s why, in recent years, graffiti has morphed from vandalism to ‘art’. Once considered to be nothing more than an unattractive defacement of private property, graffiti is often now seen as a popular form of ‘street art’. 5 Reasons Why Graffiti…

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Public art and the value of making art available to all March 16, 2019

Cities gain value through public art displays – social, cultural and economic value. It adds meaning to our cities and creates uniqueness. Public art is accessible for everyone, it provides a bridge between the past, present and future. How public art shapes a city People chose their homes, by how unique the city is. It is important what our towns look like. And it is important to have a certain community identity. This allows us…

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Welcome to my sketchbook. March 4, 2019

Vancouver Artist Sam Siegel Hi, I'm Sam Siegel. Welcome to my 'sketchbook'. If you haven't seen my work, I am a Vancouver, BC artist. I paint abstract landscapes, and contemporary modern art. I also operate my own art gallery, 'Sam's Original Art'.  We're located at 1736 West 2nd Ave, near the city's famous 'Granville Island' marketplace. I started Sam's Original Art so I could make high-quality original art available to anyone. At our gallery, we… Continue reading

Architectural Art February 27, 2019

Like sculpture, architecture is more than merely the creation of a form in space. Both mediums make use of shadow and light, in addition to form, to help define the viewer’s emotional experience. Only in the case of architecture, though, is the viewer intended to examine the artwork from both an ‘inside’, as well as ‘outside’, perspective. Of course, the ‘utilitarian’ nature of architecture adds an additional challenge that makes it inherently different from ‘pure’…

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The Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver an artist’s mecca! February 22, 2019

The Neighbourhood beginning . In the 1960s, beachside Kitsilano neighbourhood was Vancouver’s hippy hangout, drawing comparisons to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. Today the Kitsilano neighbourhood still has plenty of culture. But its apartments and houses are now occupied by young urban professionals and families. Many who enjoy a modern version of that relaxed atmosphere. It is also the birthplace of the global yoga brand, Lululemon Athletica. Just over the Burrard Bridge from the downtown peninsula, the…

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