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No matter what your interest, summer art camps offer something for everyone. They offer seminars and classes in all kinds of artistic activities, such as tie-dying, macramé, pottery, digital photography, dance, creative writing, drama, and more.

Develop Confidence and Self-expression

One of the biggest benefits is that they help kids to develop confidence and self-expression. That's because, unlike regular summer camps, art camps are not meant to be competitive. Rather, kids are encouraged to be creative, and express themselves artistically. And often, the absence of peer pressure makes for a more healthy and comfortable environment for kids.

Therapeutic By Nature

Because kids are encouraged to express their emotions in a safe, non-competitive environment, these camps engender a feeling of security and confidence. In some instances, when a child may not be able to verbally express their feelings, they may be able to 'draw' them. That's why these kinds of activities can often be very therapeutic.

The Creative Side of 'Art' Camping

In their book, Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education, co-authors Ellen Winner and Lois Hetlandsaid suggest that art camps teach children to 'think bigger' about the world. "For students living in a rapidly changing world, the arts teach vital modes of seeing, imagining, inventing, and thinking . . . . Those who have learned the lessons . . . are the ones likely to come up with novel answers needed most for the future."

But art camps are more than just 'therapeutic'. Kids can also learn useful skills. From woodworking to digital photography, or from drama to creative writing, kids are exposed to skills that can broaden their perspective, and perhaps even open doors to career opportunities later in life.

The Art Alternative

Summer camps are typically known as an outlet for sports, such as soccer, tennis, and baseball. But there are plenty of kids who shy away from these 'competitive' activities. For these kids, an art camp may very well be 'just the right fit'.

Of course, these sorts of activities need not be restricted to a summer camp. Encourage your child's interest in the arts at home, too, and you'll find it can have huge benefits. 

My passion for the arts seems to get even more exciting day by day, and it's that excitement that keeps me inspired!

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