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For over a decade, Vancouver has been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. With a lively arts and culture scene. In recent years, Vancouver has become a cultural hub attracting major film production studios, earning the nickname ‘Hollywood North’. Vancouver has also developed a thriving public  Contemporary art scene with a program that supports art-making in all its varieties. Needless to say, this has, in turn, created opportunities for a number of Vancouver galleries to gain recognition.

The thriving contemporary art scene is something all of Vancouver can be proud of.  The Vancouver art galleries foster creativity among artists but dialogue. Showcasing Vancouver and Vancouver ideas to the world. As well as showing off the beauty of the area from the Pacific Ocean to the   Fraser Valley. As well as ideas that range from the political to the philosophical.

Access Artist Run Centre

A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting emergent contemporary art practices. The Access Centre provides a venue for artists and audiences alike. Access Gallery aims to support diverse views and creative practices. Bringing attention to not just in local art,  around the world. Access strives to spark critical conversations about contemporary art through the use of experimentation. The Centre not only showcases amazing art but fosters great conversations about art and the world.

Monte Clark Gallery

Originally opening a gallery in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood in 1992, Monte Clark Gallery has undergone a number of moves around the city. The Monte Clark Gallery is generally renowned for being the best space to see conceptual photography and photographic art. It also represents a varied selection of painters and other artists. The gallery’s newest Vancouver location boasts 4,800 square feet of space in which to exhibit some of the finest photographers and artists. Mone Clark creates a more interactive gallery experience which allows visitors to see the workings of a gallery space, as well as the art within.


Equinox Gallery

One of the leading galleries in Vancouver, the Equinox Gallery was founded in 1972 by Elizabeth Nichol. Originally located in downtown Vancouver on Robson Street, the gallery moved to the South Granville gallery district in 1987. As recently as 2012 it moved to its current location in Great Northern Way, the location of a number of other high profile contemporary Vancouver art galleries. Since its inception, Equinox gallery has been strongly committed to promoting the work of local, Canadian artists in an international context. Specializing in art and photography, Equinox is one of the longest standing contemporary galleries in the region. Highlighting the culture of the area.

Winsor Gallery

Dedicated to the promotion of distinctive Canadian and international contemporary art. Winsor Gallery strives to ensure a long term development in the careers of artists they represent. Another key commitment is the Windsor's unfailing support of the emerging Vancouver art community. Encouraging and stimulating the engagement of its collectors. Specializing in painting, sculpture, photo-based and multi-media works, Winsor Gallery offers an exciting programme of solo and group exhibitions. Additionally, Windsor provides a number of art related services, such as consulting, collection building and installation; the venue can also be hired for functions.

Diane Farris Gallery

Founded in 1984, Diane Farris Gallery quickly developed an international reputation for showcasing contemporary Canadian and international art. With an emphasis on the discovery of emerging Vancouver talent. One of the first galleries to have a website (as of 1996), from 2011. Surprisingly, Diane Farris Gallery closed its Vancouver gallery space in favour of dedicating itself to an international audience online.

Nevertheless, Diane Farris is a dynamic and important part of the Vancouver art scene.  This early adoption of emerging technology and social media allows for greater freedom in its artistic calendar that now includes the performance arts. In addition to monthly online features, the Diane Farris Gallery holds exhibitions, lectures and workshops in a number of pop-up venues around Vancouver. In contrast to other Vancouver galleries, Diane Farris operates online. This unique way of presenting art allows Dianne Farris to showcase art in a way different then other Vancouver galleries.

Sam's Original Art

Sam takes great pride in the Vancouver area and its overall beauty. A pride Sam tries to bring to all the work at Sam's Original Art. Surrounded by beauty on all sides, Vancouver is an artist's paradise.  From the beauty of the Pacific Ocean to the mountains of Whistler. Check out Sam's examples of contemporary art.

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