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Discover Art - Part I...

Have you ever considered the subject of art? I mean, what is art, anyway? Certainly, there is good and bad art. But then, who decides which is which? Honestly, often times, when visiting a gallery or museum, I really just don’t ‘get it’. Are they trying to pull one over on me, am I missing something? And even then again... who, or what, determines its value? After all, some folks are willing to pay astounding prices for works of art that others consider to be nothing but an 'eyesore'! Is beauty, ultimately, only in the eye of the beholder, or are there universal principles or standards, which are to be used to determine the merits of a particular piece? Ostensibly, art historians may generally get the last word. But on a more practical level, it’s certainly worth considering these questions for ourselves, if only to avoid feeling like a fool when perusing our local museums and galleries. But where do we begin? Not surprisingly, the historical perspective can shed some light on the subject. Be sure to tune in to my next blog, where we’ll continue the discussion of ‘Discover Art’.

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