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Home Staging and Art for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Jhan Dudley on

It is well known that staging can make a huge difference in the price of a home when it comes time to sell.   The right artwork is vital to staging correctly.  Art that is too big can make a room seem crowded, too religious or political and it can turn people off. When you stage a home the idea is to make the possible buyer feel at home, like they can picture themselves there. Landscapes tend to work best.

Home staging art for real estate agents

Home Staging and Art for Real Estate Agents

It is also a psychological fact that certain colours enhance certain moods for example blues are typically calming colours, while reds indicate excitement and passion.   So what could be better than a beautiful painting of the Pacific Ocean for the living room like "UBC Cliffs" and something like "Spanish Banks East" for the bedroom?   Artwork can also cue subconscious feelings or associations in your buyers that affect whether they are emotionally attracted to your home… or not. You want them to be able to picture themselves already living in the home.
    Homes in the Vancouver and Kitsilano area can go for millions, as a realtor, use every opportunity to be a leg up on your competition. Art can make a huge difference in the price the home sells for. Contact Sam today, or check out the website. Our website shows your desired painting in a few different rooms and furniture settings. We hope this helps you make the perfect selection. We can also make custom size Giclée prints by request.

    Visit our gallery and browse our current home, commercial, or commissioned art collections to find a superb art piece for your home, office, or hotel. We proudly offer free shipping (Canada and US) on every order. *Excluding over-size paintings.

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