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Meditate With Art

Posted by Jhan Dudley on

The benefits of meditation have been clinically and scientifically proven. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, promote both physical and emotional health, and improve memory, attention-span, and focus. But it doesn't stop there. It can also enhance one's self-esteem, bolster the immune system, aid in fighting addictions like smoking, over-eating, etc., decrease depression, and generally contribute to an increased optimism. Meditation is all about practicing deliberate focus. But did you know that art can provide many of the same benefits as meditation, and can, likewise, lead to a more healthy and rewarding life. Since almost anyone can draw, color, or paint, why not meditate with art.

As it turns out, creative activities also lead us into a process of absorption, focus, and concentration. It is, in fact, much the same process one might experience while meditating. That is why, for those who find it difficult to meditate, doing any kind of creative activity can be a wonderful way to achieve the same benefits of meditation.

Of course, many of the benefits of meditation only come with diligent practice. It's been said that meditation works, even for those who don't believe in it. Undoubtedly, that may be true, but only for those who are willing to persist. But if you don't know how to meditate, or can't devote the time to practice meditation, then creative activities offer you a fun way to achieve many of the same benefits. You can meditate with art. Activities such as drawing, painting, photography, writing (not to mention dramatic and musical performance, etc.), are all 'meditative' in nature. And, unlike pure meditation, they may also even result in the creation of an interesting piece of artwork. And, who knows? Your artwork could turn out to be even more than healthful and therapeutic. It can also be your personal 'gift' to the world.

For myself, whether mountain climbing, or painting, I find a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment whenever I contemplate this miraculous journey we all are on together. So... practice focusing, in whatever way works for you, and enjoy each and every precious, fleeting moment!

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