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Vancouver buses become mobile examples of public art.

Posted by Jhan Dudley on

Your next trip on a public transit bus could have you feeling like you are inside a work of public art. Because of a partnership by a Translink and the Contemporary Art Gallery. More public art is coming to Vancouver.  In a very exciting and dynamic way. TransLink is adding pieces created by five Canadian artists on 30 buses beginning this month. This uniquely Vancouver event is good to see.

The Artists.

Each wrapped bus by artists Diyan Achjadi, Patrick Cruz, Rolande Souliere, Erdem Taşdelen and Anna Torma. They also contain an interior display with messages offering an insight into their work. As well, a series of free public events such as artist talks and performances will take place on the buses throughout the year. Further bringing art to the masses. 

“We are proud to work with CAG and share our space to showcase Canadian artists and their work,” said Michael McDaniel, president of Coast Mountain Bus Company, in a news release. The unique partnership allows Translink to support the local artists and enhancing the customer experience. This will be a treat for anyone coming alongside this public art. 

The TransLink and CAG partnership

Translink awarded CAG the development of the public art. A quote by curator Kimberly Phillips shows the excitement in the art community. “We are really pleased to partner with TransLink and invite an incredibly broad audience to encounter contemporary art on the move,”

Not to mention the word for transit is a metaphor in Greek: to go to work or come home. And so one is riding a metaphor. This is something unique to Vancouver and is exciting. As a matter of fact, may actually lead to increased ridership for Translink. 

Along with the street art, this Translink partnership is an example of Vancouver trying to bring art to everyone. Ultimately, making art available to more local residents helps the entire Vancouver art community. This is definitely going to bring attention to the local community. And likewise local artists. And because of this partnership, more artists are likely to be noticed. If this is successful it can only bring good things to everyone across Vancouver. Eventually leading to more similar partnerships. If we can get more artists working together with corporations, governments or businesses, who knows what can happen because of this?

Here are some amazing examples of street art   across Vancouver.

It is great to see the future of art.

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