Six Reasons to Support Local Artists

Posted by Jhan Dudley on

There are many reasons why purchasing artworks from a local artist is beneficial to a community. Supporting local artists can have a profound effect on a community, as well.

1. Increases Community Prosperity

The money you spend on the local artist is given back to the community. By so doing, you help support all the other locals businesses. That includes galleries, restaurants, clothing stores, live music, and more.

2. Own Something Unique

Local artist create uniquely individual artworks, not mass produced items. Oftentimes, their artwork will reflect the character and vibe of the community. This can add 'extra' meaning to your purchase.

3. Community Pride

Many local Vancouver artists are inspired by the incredible beauty of the 'Great Northwest'. They take pride in being able to impart some of that inspiration in their artwork. And their creations provide an opportunity to 'gift it back' to the community.

4. Enriches the Cultural Fabric

Local artists contribute to the cultural well-being of a community. Their art adds to the life and vibrancy of the city. And a culturally rich community is more likely to attract tourists and corporate interest to the city. Just look around you. You'll find examples of the contributions of local artists everywhere... in murals, community banners, sidewalk art, utility box decor, and more.

5. Support For Non-Profits

Local artists regularly support charity and non-profit organizations and events. Their support is often crucial in enabling these organizations to provide needed services to the community at large. For instance, Vancouver artist, Sam Siegel, regularly donates his artwork to charities such as BC Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Lions Gate Hospital, and others. Others in the community may benefit from art therapy classes or free seminars put on by local artists.

6. More Personal Service

You might be dealing with the artist themselves. They take pride in their product, and will oftentimes take extra care to make sure you are completely happy with the product you purchase. Sam's Original Art even offers a free 'superimpose' service, to help you pick artwork that will be well suited to your particular wall-space! It makes sense, so go ahead... support your local artists!

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