Using art to sell a home

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There are many ways to use art to sell a home. Done right art can make a huge difference in the final selling price. But if you are going to use art to sell a home there are mistakes to avoid.

1. Nothing too personal

Remove any artwork that is too personal or offensive to buyers such as nudes, religious-or politically-themed pictures as well as anything else which might not be acceptable to the general public. Photos and artwork that are too personal are a distraction and can be awkward for your buyers.

2. Choose art by size to fit a particular space

Art that is too large will overwhelm, and art that is too small will be lost and will look out of proportion.  When hanging art over the fireplace,  pick an artwork about the same size as the fireplace opening. If it is going to be hung over a piece of furniture (a sofa for example), it should not be wider than the width of the furniture. As a general rule, art should be about 75% the width of the furniture. By following this, both furniture and artwork will look related to each other.

art to sell a home

3.Colour repetition is a powerful way to create a cohesive look

Choose an artwork that can serve as your reference point in choosing your color scheme throughout the house for a cohesive look! Use it on upholstery, pillows, rugs, and other decor elements. Take a look at my work and see what styles speak to you.

4. Creating a collage

If you choose to make a collection of artwork, ensure that all of the pictures have something in common such as a theme, matching frames, or repetition of an accent color. Symmetrical arrangements add balance and are more appealing to the eye than asymmetrical groupings.

5. Pick something that matches the style and feel of the room

A house that is full of antiques, for example, you’ll want to use antique-style frames on the paintings you hang there. If you have contemporary furniture in large rooms with high ceilings, you’ll want to hang large contemporary paintings. Your artwork should enhance the feel and look of the space. Not sure what to pick we can superimpose a painting on to a picture of one of your walls to give you an idea.

6. Choose artwork that harmonizes with the color of your room

When choosing an artwork, pick something that complements the colors in your room. Choose colours from drapes, pillows or furniture pieces and mimic one or two bold colors in your artwork to tie everything up. You’re not looking for an exact match here, a lighter or a darker tone will work as long as it is in the same family. This will send a message that the artwork belongs to the room.

7. Lastly, practice restraint

Don’t fill every wall. Have some “negative space” to give the eye a place to rest. Restraint calms the eye and gives everything a sense of purpose. The negative space is a great way to increase anticipation, to keep buyer interested, and to keep them longing for more!

An artwork is a powerful tool that can create a positive sensory experience for every potential buyer during house showings. Use these tips to achieve a great first impression and a stunning home that every buyers would love to call their own! Following these simple tips it is easy to see why using art to sell a home is a good idea.

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