'Vancouver Art & Life' with Sam Siegel

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"Thank you Boston Voyager Magazine for this article about me and giving me a chance to talk about my love of Vancouver. I love the beauty of the area and getting a chance to share it!"

Sam,  tell us about yourself and your journey so far.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. From an early age, , I enjoyed colouring and drawing. My 3rd-grade teacher noticed how interested I was in art, and one day she mentioned to my parents that she thought I had a strong ‘artistic’ talent. From that moment on, my parents started taking me to the local art galleries and museums, where I was exposed to a great variety of styles and ideas.

Growing up, I was always aware of the incredible natural beauty of the city-scape. But the freedom and independence I got when I obtained my driver’s license became a watershed moment for me. That freedom allowed me to explore the area differently, and I grew interested in hiking and mountain climbing. My introspective love of the outdoors is a significant influence on my artistic endeavours and the subject matter that I enjoy exploring in my paintings.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?

Most of my paintings may be considered to be ‘abstract landscapes.’ The spectacular vistas influence my subject matter from all perspectives here in British Columbia.

I paint using either acrylics or oils. Acrylics dry reasonably quickly and thus require a faster pace. And also produce a certain treatment of texture and colour manipulation that’s quite different from oil paints. I first began painting with acrylics as my medium of choice, and all of my early work was done in that medium. But later I discovered the subtlety of colour and shading that only oil paints afford. My most recent work has been created using oil-based paints. I continue to enjoy exploring new ideas in both mediums.

What is the inspiration for my paintings?

The Pacific North West encompasses ocean and mountain vistas and possesses a unique and spectacular beauty. That is forever informing and inspiring my art. I love hiking and camping, and I always take pictures wherever I go. There is a  ‘peaceful spirituality’ one gets in these endeavours. That feeling of awe-struck beauty and solace deeply informs my art and is part of the intended message I hope others will find in my paintings.

Tell us about your photographs

My photographs are often the stepping stones to my paintings. Upon returning from my ‘weekend excursions,’ I  go to the drawing board with a plethora of new ideas. Inspired by the photographs I have taken, I often precede my paintings first with pencil drawings, playing with numerous organic shapes and perspectives. My paintings ‘find themselves’ in these preliminary drawings. People who buy my paintings cite my ‘colour palette’ as one of the things that attract them to my art. Personally, I enjoy discovering scenes that have a fairy-tale or other-worldly feel, with warped perspectives, thick textures, and simplified forms. I intend to create an image that makes me see with a new vision and inspires me to want to explore further. I hope the viewer will feel a similar sense of wonder and curiosity in my work.

Any advice for aspiring or new artists?

The two most important qualities any artist must maintain are discipline and curiosity. Do that, and you will always see progress!

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?

My work is on display at my self-titled and family-run gallery, SamsOriginalArt, here in Vancouver, BC and is available for sale, both in original and giclée format. It can be purchased directly at the gallery, or online at my website, SamsOriginalArt.com. We offer free shipping anywhere in the continental US and Canada.
View my work on Instagram (@SamsOriginalArt), and Facebook.

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