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Never before have consumers had so many options and choices to consider when purchasing art. And in today’s digital world, the convenience of online shopping offers the buyer an easy way to explore and choose from works by artists all over the world. Certainly, that’s a good thing. But the sheer variety of different mediums and styles, not to mention countless artists, can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, online shopping is so convenient, allowing you to choose from thousands of artworks within the comfort of your own home, and whenever you like, day or night. But where is the best place to buy art online?

Why You Should Consider a Boutique Store

Just as there are countless artworks for sale online, there is also an ever-growing list of online outlets offering artworks for sale. Some of the ‘big-box’ stores, like Amazon and Wayfair, sell all sorts of homewares, such as furniture, light fixtures, and including wall art. But the art they offer will appeal mostly to the ‘price conscious’ buyer. Typically, they cannot compete, in terms of quality, with the art available from boutique, ‘art only’, outlets.

One such ’boutique’ store is SamsOriginalArt. SamsOriginalArt represents Canadian artist, Sam Siegel exclusively. All of his original oil and acrylic paintings are offered for sale online. They also sell all of his paintings as limited edition, canvas giclée prints, in a variety of sizes to suit whatever size painting your wall space  requires. Although the prints are virtually identical to his original paintings, they can be purchased for a fraction of the cost.

All of their artwork, originals and prints alike, is sold ‘ready-to-hang’. And the quality of materials, from canvas, archival-quality pigments, wooden backing, and hardware, is second to none!

Superimpose Service

This is just one more reason why you should visit SamsOriginalArt online. If you like the artist’s work, but can’t decide what to pick for your wall space, consider taking advantage of their FREE ‘Superimposing’ Service. All you need to do is email them a photo of your wall space (including approximate dimensions), and they’ll return your photo showing you a few examples of art they think will go with the look of your room. The service absolutely free, with no obligations, and it can really help to make your final decision that much easier!

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