Pacific Northwest Abstract Landscapes

There’s a certain look that characterizes much of the art created by artists from the Pacific Northwest. A region that includes more than its share of rain, the Pacific Northwest offers a unique combination of geographical features. Especially in British Columbia, you’ll find rugged, forest-covered mountains nestled right up against the seashore, with multitudes of islands, big and small,  situated just off the coast. The features of this spectacular geography are echoed in Pacific Northwest abstract landscapes. Much of the art from the region is comprised of deep greens and browns of the mountain forests, and blue hues of the Pacific ocean. And of course, let’s not forget the incredible colors of red, orange, and yellow to be found in the gorgeous, cloud-washed Northwest sunsets!

BC Artist – Sam Siegel

The Pacific Northwest is home to artist, Sam Siegel.  Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sam grew up hiking the mountain trails, and overnight camping in the chilly heights of the Pacific Northwest’s coastal mountain ranges. His passion for the outdoors has certainly contributed hugely to his own artistic style, and his abstract landscapes are undeniably inspired by the colors and geography of the region.

Sam's Original Art

To learn more about the art of Sam Siegel, visit Vancouver’s SamsOriginalArt gallery. Located near one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions,  Granville Island, the gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm, as well as Sundays and Mondays by appointment. Although Sam specializes in abstract landscape paintings, his ‘Designer Series’, meant for those interested in art as ‘decor’, highlights his unique and particularly interesting use of color. Whether original oils and acrylics, or giclée canvas prints, there’s something for everyone’s taste and everyone’s budget at SamsOriginalArt.

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