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Metamorphosis Vancouver Art Gallery December 26, 2018

A current exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery takes its title from Franz Kafka’s novella about a man who wakes up to discover he’s turned into a giant insect. Rounding up 40 pieces from the gallery’s collection, the VAG’s The Metamorphosis is linked to Kafka’s famous 1915 story through the idea of change. “It’s a porous structure, from which we could pull these highlights from our permanent collection,” said co-curator Tarah Hogue. The exhibit is…

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Vancouver Contemporary Art Galleries December 21, 2018

For over a decade, Vancouver has been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. With a lively arts and culture scene. In recent years, Vancouver has become a cultural hub attracting major film production studios, earning the nickname ‘Hollywood North’. Vancouver has also developed a thriving public  Contemporary art scene with a programme that supports art-making in all its varieties. Needless to say, this has, in turn, created opportunities for a…

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The Bill Reid Art Gallery in Vancouver December 19, 2018

“Joy is a well-made object, equalled only by the joy of making it” Bill Reid (1920-1998) William Ronald Reid is a world-renowned Haida sculptor who has played a significant role in the revival of the cultural and artistic traditions of the Haida.  His mother was Haida from Skidegate, and his father was of Scottish and German origin.  Sophie Gladstone Reid. His father, William Ronald Reid, was born in Michigan of German and Scottish parents and was…

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