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Henry Matisse June 22, 2019

Matisse – the Early Years Henri Matisse was born in northern France on New Year’s Eve, 1869. He never intended to become an artist, though. As a young man in Paris, he had studied law. After passing his bar exam with distinction, he took a job as a law clerk. A bout of ill health, however, changed the course of the artist’s life and career forever. While recovering from an appendicitis operation, his mother, Anna…

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The Meaning of Colors May 23, 2019

Colors have meaning. In fact, Color plays a very important role in our lives, affecting our moods and our emotions. For that reason, the colors an artist employs in their painting, aside from the actual subject matter, is of great significance. Throughout the ages, different cultures have shown a certain propensity or interpretation for certain colors. In the Western world, the colors of the traffic light say it all… red means stop, yellow means caution,…

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Color Psychology and its use in art and your mood. November 16, 2018

The colour that attracts you can say a lot about your mood and personality. Each colour is associated with a different emotion. It has also come to symbolize different things.  I use that colour and emotion in all my paintings. Colours can have different meanings and effects on your mood. When you see a colour what does it mean to you? Red Red is the colour of strength and power.  As well as passion, desire,…

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