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Henry Matisse June 22, 2019

Matisse – the Early Years Henri Matisse was born in northern France on New Year’s Eve, 1869. He never intended to become an artist, though. As a young man in Paris, he had studied law. After passing his bar exam with distinction, he took a job as a law clerk. A bout of ill health, however, changed the course of the artist’s life and career forever. While recovering from an appendicitis operation, his mother, Anna…

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Rare Matisse May Break Record at Auction. May 10, 2019

Heffel Fine Art Auction House hopes the auction of this Matisse masterpiece will boost interest in some of the Canadian art also available in the same auction. The piece, Henri Matisse’s ‘Femme assise sur un balcon’ (1919), will tour across Canada. And it’s expected to go for a whopping $3.8 million! “Canadian art really is undervalued internationally, and our star artists with their star pieces can stand on their own with the top artists in the…

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