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The Meaning of Colors May 23, 2019

Colors have meaning. In fact, Color plays a very important role in our lives, affecting our moods and our emotions. For that reason, the colors an artist employs in their painting, aside from the actual subject matter, is of great significance. Throughout the ages, different cultures have shown a certain propensity or interpretation for certain colors. In the Western world, the colors of the traffic light say it all… red means stop, yellow means caution,…

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Point Grey Art Gallery October 26, 2018

Thank you Point Grey Living Magazine for such a great article. If your looking for an art gallery in point grey, come visit our show room! I was so lucky at an early age to have a teacher recognize my passion for art and parents that nurture it to this day. My parents took me to art galleries and museums. That helped me develop my love of art. Going to Lord Byng High School, a…

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Art in school October 22, 2018

Art is amazing, and I am so lucky to make a living from my passion. It has not only given me a way of seeing Vancouver but more importantly of understanding myself. I would like to see more art in school. But what effect is the sidelining of art having on our children’s education? Benefits come both from practicing the art and from learning about it. It is felt that not teaching art in school…

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