Vancouver Artist Sam Siegel and his Gallery February 11, 2019


I am proud to be a Vancouver artist and living in Vancouver is an artist paradise. You can see it in my work from the UBC Endowment Lands to Howe Sound.


I’m a Vancouver artist who wanted first-class art to be accessible to everyone. I discovered not all Giclée prints were the same. After research and testing numerous different prints. I found many that faded, warped and loosened over time. To me this was not acceptable. I discovered that using ultra-high resolution scanning and the best materials available was the answer. And hand stretching the canvas to help the print lie flat and look better.

I am passionate about creating contemporary, abstract, landscape, and other style paintings. I was born and raised in Vancouver and take pride in the area. Reimagining the spectacular vistas of the region, and creating abstract landscapes that display the undeniable appeal and magic of the ‘Great Northwest’. And  I am inspired by well-known local landmarks. I find inspiration from the Stanley ParkSpanish BanksHowe SoundThe Squamish Chief, or the Sea-to-Sky Highway. As a Vancouver artist, I find inspiration in the whole area. If you get a chance get out and explore the amazing area.

“British Columbia is full of amazing hiking trails and spectacular vistas, which inspires me to recreate this amazing, natural beauty through the medium of oil and acrylic painting, such as the ones you see here. I hope my art will inspire you with that same sense of spectacular beauty that is all around us!” – Sam Siegel

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