Art - Linking Tourism and Culture

Posted by Jhan Dudley on

Creating the 'Feel' of the Community

Art is an important link between culture and tourism, and highlights what is unique about any community.  The artistic heritage and cultural life of a city work hand in hand to attract tourists. In Vancouver, for example, the native art of the Haida First Nations showcases the unique cultural heritage of Northern BC.

The Importance of Government in the Arts

It is crucial to recognize the important role that governments play the healthy development of the arts in the community. Many events must be subsidized through government initiatives and programs in order to be economically feasible. Governments need strategies for partnership between artists, tourism, and economic development. After all, art creates the vital link between tourism and culture.

Artistic Events Generate Excitement

The link between the arts and tourism creates the vibe of a city, and that attracts people. Diverse cultural organizations and attractions, such as museums, art galleries, and festivals, are the fabric of any community. And not just for the residents, but also for tourists, who contribute immensely to the community's economic well-being. The tourism industry promotes a city's artistic events, because those events are what attract people to the city.  In the city of Vancouver, we are also especially lucky to enjoy a spectacular geographical region that plays an equally important role in attracting visitors. Showing off all the inherent beauty of the region is what I try to capture in my work.

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