How much should you pay for original art?

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Art will last longer than a lifetime. What is considered to be the ‘best’ art may often be cherished and enjoyed by many generations. Art by 'the Masters' is, of course, invaluable, and extremely costly. But what about the ‘art of the day’. The kind of art we might typically buy to decorate our condos, homes, and offices? Certainly, people have a need for affordable original art. Whose purpose is expressly to enhance the décor of their living or working space. How are they to determine its fair value, and where do they go to find such art?

How Much Should You Pay For Original Art Vancouver?

The obvious place that comes to mind is, of course, the local art galleries. But the average person may very well feel perplexed and astonished at the incredibly high prices art galleries. And what they typically charge for their paintings. Sometimes, those high prices have to do with the reputation and popularity of the artist they represent. But that does not explain everything. Quite often, art galleries are located in high-rent areas of the city. Because their costs are high, they must pass that cost on to the customer. Thus, one can typically expect to see a 40% markup from what the artist may actually receive for his painting. That’s not to suggest those prices are unfair. It’s simply the reality of the business.

At the other end of the spectrum are the outlets that sell reproductions, such as posters or low quality giclée prints. This kind of art can be found everywhere, from small gift shops and greeting card stores, to furniture stores and ‘big-box’ outlets like Ikea and Walmart. Prices for this kind of ‘mass-reproduced’ art are considerably lower than the works found in art galleries, but then, so is the quality. Still, not everyone can afford to pay exorbitant prices to decorate their home, and for many people, these stores do provide a tenable option.

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Located in Vancouver's 'Granville Island' district, there's an outlet called Sam's Original Art. Where you can purchase high-quality original paintings at affordable prices. It's a family-run gallery representing a single artist. Vancouver painter, Sam Siegel. Sam owns the gallery, so they don’t tack on the 40% markup so typical of other galleries. Most of their original paintings sell in the $2000 to $5500 range. They also offer a affordable option. You can purchase Sam Siegel paintings as limited edition giclée canvas prints for a fraction of the original prices. They use ‘state-of-art’ reproduction methods to create their ultra-high quality giclée prints on canvas that are almost indistinguishable from the original. Their limited edition prints are typically priced in the $400 to $700 range, and offer a great alternative to the more expensive original pieces. Need beautiful but affordable art... check out the SamsOriginalArt gallery located next to Granville Island on 2nd and Burrard. 1736 West 2nd Ave, in Vancouver, BC. Or you can purchase online... just visit their Online Art Gallery.

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