New light show synchronized to music wraps North Vancouver's art gallery

Posted by Jhan Dudley on

The exterior facade of The Polygon Gallery at the Lonsdale waterfront in North Vancouver has undergone some changes. It now doubles as a new dynamic public art installation that uses light and sound. In a colourful display unlike any other in Vancouver. The show significantly improves the outside of the building. Having the effect of illuminating the whole place.

Multi-coloured lights line the exterior the art museum as part of a new public art piece called Reckless. Done by Kevin Schmidt and the Burrard Arts Foundation.

The lights are animated and blink in sequence to a soundtrack composed by Schmidt. With the soundtrack based on Bryan Adams’ 1984 album Reckless. Schmidt also made similar light installations elsewhere in Canada, including a 2013 piece at his Newfoundland studio. Along with a 2014 display that covered a rural farm homestead. In addition, he also staged a major solo exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

“Reckless draws inspiration from a sub-genre of elaborate do-it-yourself Christmas light displays. Created for suburban houses and timed to heavy metal soundtracks played over large outdoor PA systems,” reads a press release. “Recurrent in Schmidt’s art are references to pop culture and special effects, calling attention to the nature of spectacle and the tension between skepticism and wonder.” The Polygon Gallery was completed late last year at the cost of $20 million. Admission into the 24,000-sq-ft museum is free or by donation.

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