Public art and the value of making art available to all

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Cities gain value through public art displays - social, cultural and economic value. It adds meaning to our cities and creates uniqueness. Public art is accessible for everyone, it provides a bridge between the past, present and future.

How public art shapes a city

People chose their homes, by how unique the city is. It is important what our towns look like. And it is important to have a certain community identity. This allows us to feel safe, wanted and happy. Strong public art expressions break the fear of sameness and blandness. And also give neighborhoods a stronger sense of belonging. Along with a better sense of identity which creates a stronger, more productive workforce. We remember for example Los Angeles by the Hollywood sign. Or Paris by the tour Eiffel and San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge. Or Vancouver for its many parks and beaches. Cities create dreams, we all want to be part of. All of these monuments were created by very creative people who captured the spirit and atmosphere of their home towns.

Public art's influence on the city

Also, art has a big influence on how business' run. How commerce is established and basically how much business will grow. Happy people buy, happy workers produce. So, therefore it is important to keep the surroundings inspiring, colourful and happy. It reflects a better life and a better state of mind.

Furthermore, art in our communities that is accessible allows people to experience it every day. They don't have to go to museums or galleries, they don't have to collect art in their homes. We pass it by on their way to work or while running around town doing errands. Public art becomes a reflection of its city and time. Art inspires and activates everyone's imagination. It encourages to think and pay attention. Art is almost a creative exercise for your brain.

The value of public art to a city

Throughout time it shows that cities with an active and dynamic cultural scene are more attractive to individuals and business. Public art can play a key factor in creating a unique and vibrant destination. Public Art can be permanent or temporary installation.

We need to reach out more and see it like an interactive process involving artists, architects, designers, community leaders, elected officials, agencies and construction teams. It truly takes a village to get it all going.

Public art is available to all

Public art does something that neither a public space without art nor even a museum with all its art can do: it can capture the eye and mind of someone passing through our public spaces. It can make us pay attention to our civic environment; it can encourage us to question what's around us. Much of our newly built environment lacks the resonance of history or reflection of civic ownership, which makes residents proud of where they live

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