Word to Your Motherland

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705 2nd St W, North Vancouver

This unique 100ft work is a collective effort between street artists, North Shore Lookout shelter residents and local youth. The unique piece is called ‘Word to Your Motherland,” and encourages us to reconnect with our ancestry.  Word to Your Motherland is a large mural that has transformed a cement wall into a  showpiece to celebrate multiculturalism. It explores the importance of not only respecting our cultural roots but respecting others. In view of all who pass by.

Instead of a bare wall, it is now something amazing. Unlike anything else in Vancouver. With a native traveler in the middle. And other native images in the foreground. In addition to  hip hop and cultural images such as music and a face that significantly shows the culture of the area.

The Mural creators

The 'Word to Your Motherland'  is presented by the City of North Vancouver and Creativa International. In partnership with Kalakari Collective and the Lookout Emergency Aid Society. With support from the Arts Office, Neptune Shipping, and H.A.V.E. Culinary Training Society. All bring uniquely different perspectives to the project. And can contribute different things from their own perspective. Nevertheless alowing each group to be respected.

The Word to Your Motherland mural is a unique cross-cultural artistic work that visually brings together hip-hop with the cultures of the artists’ motherlands. Paying respect to the diverse roots of local residents and the cultural hybridity that enriches the artistic life within North Shore and Metro Vancouver.

Under Creativa International, it was a collaboration between California based artists Nisha K. Sembi and Miguel “Bounce” Perez and local artists Corey Bulpitt and Take5. Bringing together residents of the North Shore Lookout Shelter and local youth. The Word to Your Motherland mural is an example of the capacity arts to bring people together. Not only from different cultural backgrounds but economic and international,  backgrounds. Working together to build respect and understanding. Thus, the mural appeals to many.

I love to explore all the amazing natural beauty of the landscape and the people of Vancouver, a passion that comes through in my paintings.

For example.

Between the nearby mountains of Whistler and the Pacific Ocean, we live in an amazing part of the country.

About the Artists:

Creativa International is a  not-for-profit organization founded in November 2012. Nevertheless, they have come a long way in a short time.  With this in mind, they aim to organize community events that expose audiences to diverse art forms and cultural expressions. We definitely; live in an area with very talented people and this is just one example. In the long run, this mural will go along way to building a sense of community. Still paying respect to the individuals involved. We are really not that different after all and hope you get a chance to explore the world around you.

Creativa does amazing work as can be seen by www.creativainternational.com

Nisha K. Sembi www.nishasembi.com
Miguel "Bounce" Perez www.miguelbounceperez.com
Michael Fraser (Take5) www.facebook.com/take5lovesyou
and Corey Bulpitt

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