6 Reasons To Support Local Artists

Posted by Jhan Dudley on

Below are six reasons why you can benefit by supporting your local artists.

1. Good For Local Economy

By buying from local artists, you are stimulating the local economy, which, in turn, supports more of your own favorite local businesses.

2. Enjoyable Way To Invest

The first rule of investing in a local artist is... buy what you love. Art can be one of the most enjoyable ways to invest. Above all, you get to enjoy it every day thereafter. Who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by beautiful and meaningful things that bring them pleasure? In particular, abstract landscapes, such as Spanish Banks and Howe Sound, add a 'human dimension' to the beauty of our natural surroundings.

3. Value-added Asset

Artworks are assets that can increase in value over time. Of course, like choosing stocks, it can be difficult to 'guess' the market (see the first rule above). At Sams Original Art, though, our 'superimposing' service helps you make the right choice.

4. Stimulates Creativity

Many businesses recognize the advantages of decorating their offices with artwork. Art doesn't just enhance the decor of a space. It also contributes to a positive mood among staff, fostering creativity and problem-solving ideas.

5. Makes the Perfect Gift

Whether for a birthday, a weddings, or a housewarming, art is the perfect gift. And unlike the 'cookie-cutter' massed produced art from 'big-box' stores, artworks purchased from a local artist is likely to be a unique piece.

6. Has Cultural Significance

The cultural of a region and of the people who live there, is reflected in its art. And artists reflect, and are influenced by, the the local culture and colors of the region. For that reason, artworks produced by local artists often will have a deeper significance and meaning to local residents. So the art you purchase from them will often have a deeper significance and meaning, as a commentary and reflection of the region in which you live.

For example, much of the art of the Northwest displays the cultural influence of the region's Aboriginal community. And I often try to capture the 'feel' of the Great Northwest in my own work. My own abstract landscape artwork displays the unmistakable influence of our spectacular mountain vistas. Check out my gallery to see to see what I mean.

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