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Depersonalizing a home is a crucial step when it comes to preparing a house for sale. That because it makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine how the house will look with their stuff. So most home stagers will ask the seller to take down family photos, kid’s artwork, and other nick-knacks strewn through any house. These items tend to distract the buyer from focusing on what’s important – like square footage and storage space. But, on the other hand, a blank wall can make a space feel empty and lackluster.

For that reason, art and home sales often go hand in hand. Home stagers will often rent or purchase inexpensive contemporary wall art, to 'lift up' a room, and lend some excitement to the space.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is often a home stager's first choice. Why? Because abstract art, depending on its color palette, can be used strictly as decor. Its intrinsic meaning can be left to each viewer to decide. Since there is no right or wrong interpretation, it's less likely to distract or offend the buyer as they move throughout the house.

Landscape Art

Some viewers, however, like to be able to recognize a familiar scene or subject in a painting. These types of viewer may find landscape art to be more appealing and attractive. Landscapes, depicting natural scenery, such as mountains, forests, and other outdoor vistas, can be realistic or abstract. Often, it imparts a sense of peacefulness and serenity, contributing to a positive mindset.

The Room Defines the Art

Not sure what to hang in a room? Take a cue from what the purpose of the room is. For example, in a kitchen or dining area, picyures of food, wine glasses, or a café scene may be appropriate. In a bedroom, black and white images of flowers, a tasteful nude scene, or perhaps a napping kitten, may do. For a living room, modern architecture, stylish automobiles, or other technology-based subjects may provide the perfect solution.

Artistic Lettering

Art doesn't have to be an image – it can also be a word or inspirational quote. This kind of art can provide a subliminal message suggesting how a person is supposed to interact or feel in a room.

Lifestyle Photos

The art need not be restricted to paintings. But if you prefer to decorate using photographs, consider this. Rather than displaying a head-shot of your family, hang a lifestyle photo that a buyer can easily relate to. For instance, a photo of a day at the beach, a ski or camping trip, or even running a marathon. These types of lifestyle photos impart a feeling of activity, fun and excitement.

Don't 'Hang 'Em High'

It’s important to make sure that the pictures or photos are hung properly. Many homeowners hang their artwork too high, which makes it difficult to admire the image, and makes the room feel unbalanced. Art should be hung at eye level, or about 60 to 65 inches from the ground to the center of the artwork.

Be sure to visit our gallery for more examples of how art can be used to 'lift the room'.

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