Helping Mount Saint Joseph Hospital January 18, 2019

Helping St. Paul’s Foundation We are so pleased to be donating Burrard Inlet to the Scotiabank Feast of Fortune Gala.

Helping the Mount Saint Joseph Hospital is indeed an honour for us. The 2018 Gala raised almost $1 Million for the foundation!

Saturday, January 26, 2019, at 5:30 pm is the 12th annual Scotiabank Feast of Fortune. An incredible celebration of Chinese New Year that combines amazing food creations and spectacular live entertainment. As well as a highly-anticipated live auction to raise funds for Mount Saint Joseph Hospital!

Funds raised help cover a lot of medical needs – anywhere from cardiology to surgery, to emergency, imaging, and more. Thus making a huge difference in the lives of British Columbians.

Since 2008, Scotiabank Feast of Fortune has raised over $5.7 million! Funds used for the purchase of vital medical equipment across all departments at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.  Amazingly, this year’s gala is already sold out!

painting of burrard inlet modern room

One of a triplicate that includes ‘Ripple Road’, and ‘Night Glow’, ‘Burrard Inlet’ displays a similarly luscious colour palette and a fascinating, angular geometry.


St. Paul’s Foundation raises funds for enhanced patient care, capital projects, equipment needs, research, teaching and innovation to improve the care of patients and residents at St. Paul’s and other Providence Health Care hospitals and residences in British Columbia.

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