I Love to Explore and Create September 24, 2020

As those of you who are familiar with my work probably already realize, I love to paint. And I truly appreciate all the encouragement and support I get from all you art fans out there! If you follow my work at all, you already know that my art is all about recreating the amazing beauty of our environment – sometimes referred to as the ‘Great Northwest’. Of course, I live and breathe it everyday (well, maybe not so much on the smokey days we endured recently!). But the thing is, I never take it for granted – nope… I actually go looking for my inspiration. How do I do that, you ask. Well, that’s why I made this little video, so you can better understand where some of my ideas come from. Recently, me and a couple of buds drove up to Mt. Currie, in Pemberton, BC. We parked at the trailhead, and then hiked about 20 km up the mountain, set up camp (no fires, of course – we use a portable stove), and, well, it’s pretty spectacular up there – watch the video!

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