Here’s your dilemma. You finally buy (or renovate) your new home or condo. You stretched your budget a bit, but at least now, everything looks really great! Except… ‘something’ is missing. It just doesn’t look quite ‘finished’. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a surprisingly common situation. The perfect solution – affordable canvas art.

Don't Forget The Blank Wall!

People often budget for that new home or renovation, and don’t realize until after the project is completed, that they still need to do something about those ‘bare walls‘. There may have been pictures up before, but now they don’t go with the new look. Or perhaps, rather than posters and mass-produced reproductions, you want to step up to authentic, and affordable canvas art.

Art as an Investment

Once upon a time, if you were in the market for original artwork, you had to go to your local art gallery. But more often than not, the prices were considerably higher than you expected. The fact is, art galleries generally cater to art consumers who are looking for art as an investment. The thinking is, the more art costs, the more likely it might increase in value. Often though, art is purchased less as an investment, and more to complement the design and decor of the room. But if you choose wisely, it can be both! The best way to buy affordable canvas art is to buy canvas prints! Checkout Sam’s Collection here.

Online Art Stores

Thankfully, the many online art galleries offer you more choices than ever before. There are one-stop online stores, like Wayfair, Walmart, and Ikea, that offer giclée prints, and even some original art, at a very low cost. However, stores such as these are mostly ‘furniture’ stores. Other online stores, like Saatchi, Zatista, Etsy, and others, specialize in wall art. The advantage is greater selection, and often times, higher quality.

Sam's Original Art

SamsOriginalArt sits firmly in this second category. They only feature works of Vancouver artist, Sam Siegel. Thus, their selection may not compare with the other stores mentioned above. But they certainly make up for it in the quality of the very affordable canvas art they sell, as well as in their personalized service.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Choosing art is a very ‘personal’ experience. And the people at SamsOriginalArt go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% happy with your selection. Together with their free superimposing service, and the guaranteed 14-day return policy, no questions asked, you’re likely to be certain the art you purchase from will be ‘the right fit for you’!

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