From incredibly realistic wildlife scenes, to beautiful abstract landscapes, Canadian artists across Canada create stunning imagery inspired by Canada’s spectacular wilderness areas. And because Canadian art is priced in Canadian dollars, it’s typically 25% less expensive than art purchased in the US. As a result, when you buy Canadian art online, you save money!


After theGroup of Sevenformed in 1920, the international art community began to pay attention to ‘Canadian’ artists. And artists like Emily Carr, Lawren Harris,Jean-Paul Riopelle,and Alex Colville helped to elevate the stature of Canadian artists. Now, contemporary Canadian artists across the country continue to produce spectacular works of superior value. For example, in BC alone, there are hundreds of terrific artists. Some of my favorites include Michael Abraham, Ross Penhall, Chris Charlebois, Gretta Guzek, and Glenn Payan, to name a few.


Buying Canadian art online is so convenient and easy. Because there are countless online galleries that offer paintings by Canadian artists for sale. And often, shipping is free, too. So you’ll have a nearly limitless variety of styles and artists from which to choose. Many artists also maintain their own personal sites, as well. And one such Canadian artist, Sam Siegel, makes it especially easy for you to choose just the right painting. Simply email a picture of your wallspace to, and he’ll show you exactly how a selection of your favorite choices will look on your wall.

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