The value of art in your business

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Did you know that art has a lot more scientifically-proven benefits on your health? The benefits of art in business are substantial.

More than making you feel happy or relaxed, themed artworks can do wonders for your mental health, disposition and well-being. In fact, many studies have shown that displaying art in your business contributes to lower stress levels.

Art in Hotels

art in hotels

Interior decorators understand the value of displaying paintings, sculptures and other artworks in hotel rooms and lobbies. They realize that Art is not simply attractive as decor, but that it can be a positive 'mood changer' as well. Thus, Art has become a fundamental element of today's hotel design.

Decor is part of the package and experience hotels offer their guests. It can also often provide an opportunity for local artists to showcase their artwork to a 'worldwide' audience.

And hotel guests certainly enjoy the art displayed in hotel lobbies and rooms. Oftentimes, they are exposed to new artists and genres during their hotel stay. Numerous studies have proven the positive effects art has on the viewer. In fact, areas of the brain associated with contemplation are automatically sparked when viewing art.

Art in Hospitals

Hospitals, too, are aware of the positive benefits of art. Studies have shown that art can help speed up the healing process. Researchers have concluded that there are direct links between the content of images and the brain’s reaction to pain, stress, and anxiety. Art has been shown to contribute to significant positive improvements in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety.

Art in the workplace

Business owners are beginning to understand the importance of artwork in the workplace. In addition to making the office more aesthetically pleasing to employees and clients, art can increase an employee’s efficiency and creativity. The inspiration that one feels upon looking at art unlocks creative potential, helping to produce and generate innovative ideas. Art is a universal language that can provide the perfect way to 'connect' with new clients.

Art encompasses life in all its aspects. Its benefits are multifaceted, providing a sense of beauty and decor, contemplation, and awe-inspiring wonder.

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