Making Art

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Making art is, of course, what artists do. They create their  artworks' using a limitless variety of mediums and techniques. Some of the more common mediums include architecture, photography, sculpture, painting, and drawing. Not to mention films, musical compositions, literary works, dramatic performances. Art comes in every shape and form. And the techniques employed are limited only by the artist's imagination. However, something all artists share in common is their insatiable appetite for observation and introspection.

Artists Think About the World

In a way, artists are like 'messengers'. Their mandate is to communicate a message by sharing the 'vision' that is their 'artwork'. In preparation for making art, artists spend quite a bit of time observing the world around them. Whether about people, politics, science, or religion, art is an emotional response to constantly changing social events. It can express joy, love, anger or despair. Even geometric shapes and mathematical formulas may often be considered to be 'artistic'.

Artists Read, Watch, and Listen

Inspiration is everywhere, but it is different for every artist. However, they all will spend countless hours exploring and practicing the techniques they employ to create their art. But, no matter what the medium, they are all deeply concerned by 'what's going on' in the world. Thus, observation... reading, watching, and listening, is an equally important skill.

Artists Share Their Art

Of course, most artists hope to have an audience who will appreciate, and hopefully, buy their artwork. Traditionally, this once meant finding an agent or dealer to organize exhibitions and promote the art.

Emerging and 'unknown 'artists, however, must market themselves. They may start by arranging their own exhibitions in places like cafes and art fairs, or even in city parks. Now, in the 'digital' age, artists can promote their art on a personal website, through social media, or on one of the many 'third-party' web stores. And artists can support each other in a variety of ways. You'll often find artists participating in charity, teaching, and hosting workshops and critique sessions.

If you'd like to learn more about what inspires an artist, I encourage you to read this.

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