Things To Do at Granville Island

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There’s plenty to see and do here on the Island, whether you are looking for art, food, gifts, or just some fresh air and great scenery. 

A Bread Affair

Start your tour at Bread Affair, for some of the most scrumptious breads and baked goods you will ever taste.  They use only the freshest organic ingredients from local farmers, and best of all, everything is made by hand. 

Shop the Market

Vendors, farmers, and butchers from all over come to sell their wares at the Granville Island Public Market. Everything is harvested fresh daily, and there is plenty to see. Keep an eye out for handmade and unique gifts and crafts. If you want to sit down and eat—or just enjoy the scenery—try the courtyard by the water. The beautiful view is picture perfect!

Visit the Net Loft

Located directly across from the public market, the Net Loft is one of Granville Island’s best-kept secrets, and is certainly a place you'll want to check out! This blue metal-clad building houses some very quaint and unique store. For example, here you'll find very unique store named 'Paper-Ya' (Japanese for Paper Shop), selling all sorts of curious and beautiful Japanese paper products. The Net Loft is one of Granville Island’s best-kept secrets, and is certainly a place that you won’t forget any time soon!

Watch a Show

A big attraction at Granville Island is the entertainment. There street entertainers everywhere you go. Stop and get a bite to eat, while you relax outdoors, and enjoy the performance of the many buskers along the Island’s cobblestone streets. In the evening, you can catch a play at the Arts Club Theatre. Or enjoy musical performances by Vancouver's local talent in the Backstage Lounge.

Try the Dining

Feeling hungry? There are plenty of options. From casual to high-end, there’s something for every budget. Granville Island is known for its great food—and soon you’ll discover why. There's lots to choose from: Bridges, the Cats Social House, the Dockside Restaurant, the Sandbar Seafood Restaurant, and Edible Canada at the Market.

Explore the Brewery

The Granville Island Brewing Company was the first cottage brewery in all of BC. You can take a tour of the brewery, or just sit and enjoy a beer. Or try something really different, and visit the only Artisan Sake Maker in Canada, located in Railspur Alley.

Admire the Art

For over 90 years, Granville Island was home to Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Now recently relocated to the Great Northern Way technology district, its stamp on the arts world is still everywhere to be found. There are galleries, wood-sculpture, glass-blowing, and jewelry stores all along Railspur Alley. Not to mention the locally famous Opus Art Supplies store, still right across the street from the former site of Emily Carr. So you can see why it attracts such a wide variety of talent. There are plenty of art exhibits, many by up-and-coming student artists. And the Sam's Origianl Art gallery is just a stone's throw from Granville Island.

Fun for Kids

The Kids Market is chock full of toy stores and activities to please your little ones. Bring your kids to see magic shows and jugglers, or to play in the Water Park in summertime. And don’t forget to stop by and try to find the live turtles in the pond, just outside the market.

Go Boating

You can rent a boat to explore English Bay, or take a tour on the Aquabus. Or ride the False Creek Ferry, connecting the downtown area to Granville Island. Feeling really adventurous - why not try a whale watching or kayaking trip!

Attend the Festivals

Vancouver hosts festivals and events throughout year. Choose from a variety of events: music, literature, performing arts, or food festivals—to name a few.

Walk the Seawall

When the weather's nice, an absolute must for any traveller to Vancouver is a walk along the seawall! This famous landmark provides one of the most scenic and beautiful walks that any city has to offer! Extending far beyond Granville Island, the Seawall spans the circumference of Stanley Park, and is considered by many to be one of the 'wonders of the world'!

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